Language-Culture Training for Professionals

Learn the Language

Learn fast and efficiently with 24:7 language immersion training in professional programs in 47 countries

Live the Culture

Understanding and successfully navigating the culture will further your objectives

Expand Your Peer Networks

Interact at multiple socio-economic levels; improve networking with peers and clients

Why participate?

  • To strengthen foreign language skills

  • To expand knowledge on international customs

  • To gain confidence to conduct international business

  • To experience life and live the culture of another country

  • To immerse oneself into intercultural exchange both academically and through unique, personalized experience programs

  • To combine travel, academics, and adventure into one incredible life-changing experience

Enjoy! Seeing another country, meeting people from around the world, eating new foods, understanding different lifestyles and gaining problem solving insights … can be fun! At least that is what 95% of our students tell us.

Nowadays we live in a globally-connected economy, where the daily news from across the ocean can have a direct effect on businesses at home. As cross-border business continues to expand, most professionals will likely find themselves working with oversea partners at some point in their career. That is why language and cultural immersion training abroad offers the perfect way to separate yourself from the pack.

For a more in-depth take on why participating in an Executive Program with NRCSA makes sense and the benefits it will offer you and your company, click here.

Program Overview

Our objective is to tailor an international cultural immersion program to meet your objectives, budget, and time frame. Some professionals want to improve general language skills; others want to focus on vocabulary specific to their field. Do you want to live and interact with local families in a homestay, or do you prefer the independence and luxury that a five star hotel provides? Let us know your goals and we will do our best so you achieve the outcome you want.

Programs focus on topics specific to the international business and professional world. Topics vary by location, but most of them cover similar themes. These include but are not limited to: * making introductions * giving speeches and presentations * leading meetings and managing employees * ethics and social etiquette * trade shows, etc.

We have coordinated programs for professionals in hundreds of fields: * business * marketing * government * education * law * health care * banking * law enforcement * social services * the arts * lodging/food/tourism to mention but a few. For a representative list, click here.

No cultural immersion training is complete without spending ample time outside of the classroom experiencing the local customs and culture first-hand. That is why all our programs offer regular activities and excursions to places of local (and occasionally not so local) interest. Activities range from dance lessons, cooking classes, sporting activities, and movie nights, to trips to ancient ruins, bustling cities, famous monuments, and world-renowned museums. Check with NRCSA beforehand to learn all about the exciting excursions each city offers!

About the NRCSA Consortium

The NRCSA Consortium was founded in 1968 with the goal of facilitating international studies and understanding. To date over 80,000 people have successfully completed our courses abroad including teens, university students, professionals and mature adults from the USA and abroad. We invite you to expand your international multicultural skills and benefit from the increasingly linked global community.
NRCSA Consortium centers offer value and a record of success. We look forward to helping your find the program that best matches your needs.
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NRCSA is Here to Help You!

Between us, our current staff has visited, studied, worked and/or volunteered in over 50 countries, and most of us are multi-lingual. We love study abroad, understand what a life changing experience it is for each person and what an impact it has on ourselves and those around us. Let us help you find the program that best fits your needs and interests - simply send us an email, or give us a call toll free (from USA and Canada) at 1-888-678-6211, or from any other country worldwide at 001-414-278-7410.

If you need any help in determining which NRCSA programs are best for you, we would love to hear from you!

How to Register

To register on-line click here and you will be taken to the secure NRCSA registration form, or you can register over the phone by calling (toll free 1 888 678-6211). After receiving your registration the confirmation process takes 3-10 working days (Mon-Sat). Once you are confirmed in the program, we will send you a confirmation/acceptance package by mail, which contains more information on the program, insurance coverage, emergency worldwide hotlines, etc.

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